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Defeat of the Philistines

Anointing of Saul

Jonathan defeats the Philistines

David and Goliath

David praised

Saul attempts to kill David

David and Jonathan

David and Abigail

David spares Saul

David defeats the Amalekites

Death of Saul

Saul's head

Death of Uzzah

Defeat of the Ammonites

David and Bathsheba

Death of Amnon

Death of Absalom

Death of Sheba

Plague of death

Temple of Solomon

Dedication of the temple

Queen of Sheba

Man of God

Coup of Omri

Elijah fed by ravens

Contest at Mount Carmel

Flight of Elijah

Death of Ahab

Chariot of fire


Widow's oil


Siege of Samaria

Siege lifted

Death of Jezebel

Elisha's bones

Siege of Samaria

Battle of Jehoshaphat

Death of Zechariah

Judeo-Israelite war, The

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