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Resurrection of Lazarus

Rich man and Lazarus

Road to Emmaus

Ruth meets Boaz

Sacrifice of Gideon

Sacrifice of Isaac

Samson and the gates of Gaza

Samson defeats the Philistines

Samson slays a lion

Samuel given to Eli

Saul attempts to kill David

Saul's head

Seals 1-6

Sermon on the Mount


Shipwreck and Malta

Siege lifted

Siege of Jerusalem

Siege of Samaria

Sleeping in the boat

Solomon's wisdom

Stoning of Stephen

Sun stands still


Table with bread of presence

Temple of Dagon

Temple of Solomon

Temple rebuilt

Temptation of Jesus

Ten Commandments

Ten lepers

Three visitors

Threshing floor

Throne room

Tower of Babel


Triumphal entry

Trumpets 1-4

Trumpets 5-7

Two beasts

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