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Dedication of the temple

Defeat of the Ammonites

Defeat of the Philistines

Deliverance of Jerusalem

Deliverance of Susanna

Dinah avenged

Dragon bound

Dry bones

Elijah fed by ravens

Elisha's bones

Esau sells birthright

Esther before Xerxes

Esther's request

Ethiopian eunuch


Expulsion from Eden

Ezekiel's vision


Fall of Babylon

Feeding of the 5000

Fiery furnace

Flagellation of Jesus

Flight of Elijah

Flight of Hagar

Flight to Egypt

Flood, The

Folly of the rich

Four beasts, The

Garden of Gethsemane

Gideon's army

Gideon's fleece

Gideon's victory


Golden calf

Hagar and Ishmael sent away

Healing the cripple

Healing the paralytic

Hezekiah's illness

Hezekiah's reforms

Idolatry of Solomon

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