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Contest at Mount Carmel

Conversion of Paul


Counselors of Rehoboam

Coup of Omri


Creation of humanity



Crossing the Jordan


Crucify him!

Daniel in the lions' den

Daniel in the lions' den

Daniel kills the dragon

David and Abigail

David and Bathsheba

David and Goliath

David and Jonathan

David and Saul

David defeats the Amalekites

David praised

David repents

David spares Saul

Death of Abimelech

Death of Absalom

Death of Agag

Death of Ahab

Death of Amnon

Death of Eli

Death of Jezebel

Death of John the Baptist

Death of Moses

Death of Samson

Death of Sarah

Death of Saul

Death of Sheba

Death of Sisera

Death of Uzzah

Death of Zechariah

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