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SCHEITS, Matthias

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Solomon and vanity

Solomon's idolatry

Solomon's wisdom

Sons of Sceva, and Ephesian riot

Staffs to snakes, and plague of blood

Stoning of Stephen

Sun stands still

Susanna and the elders

Taxes to Caesar, and the widow's offering

Ten Commandments, battle of Amalek, and quail and manna

Three visitors with Sodom and Gomorrah

Throne room and seals

Transfiguration, and keys

Trial, and denial

Triumphal entry, and the fig tree

Trumpets, and 144,000 sealed

Viper on Malta

Walk on water, and the Canaanite woman

Water to wine

Wives for Benjamites

Woman at the well, and the Roman official

Woman, the dragon, the little scroll, the witnesses, and the beast, The

Worshipers of God and worshipers of idols

Writing on the wall, and dream of the tree

Xerxes's banquet


Zechariah and angel, and the annunciation

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