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Absalom's plot

Adam and Eve



Angel and Hagar

Balaam's donkey


Blasphemer stoned

Bronze snake

Burning bush

Cain and Abel

Call of Samuel


Crossing the Jordan

Dagon's temple

David and Abigail

David and Goliath

David and Jonathan

David and Uriah

David pours out water

David sacrifices

David spares Saul's life

Death of Abimelech

Death of Absalom

Death of Agag

Death of Asahel

Death of Eli

Death of Moses

Death of Samson

Death of Sisera

Death of the priests of Nob

Deaths of Sheba and Amasa

Expedition returns

Expulsion from Eden


Fall of Jericho

Fire from God


Gideon's band

Gideon's fleece

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