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Merian, Matthaeus, the Elder, After

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    The Old Testament
    Genesis: The Primeval History
                Man in God's Image
                The Fall of Man
                      The Temptation and the Fall
                The Expulsion from Eden
                Cain and Abel
                The Deluge
                Altar, Sacrifice, and Covenant
                Noah and His Sons
          The Tower of Babel
    Genesis: The Patriarchal History
          Abraham and Isaac
                Abram's Departure
                Hagar, First Trip
                The Lord and the Angels
                      The Lord Visits Abraham
                      Sodom Is Destroyed
                Lot and His Daughters
                The Sacrifice of Isaac
                Sarah Dies
                A Wife for Isaac
                      Eliezer and Rebekah
                The Birthright
                Fooling Isaac
                      Jacob Is Blessed
                Jacob's Dream
                Jacob and Laban
                      Jacob Meets Rachel
                Meeting Esau
                      Wrestling in the Night
                      The Meeting
                Getting Rid of Joseph
                      Joseph Is Sold
                The Brothers Go to Egypt
                      Journeying with Benjamin
    Exodus-Deuteronomy: Out of Egypt, Going to Sinai
          The Child in the Basket
          Calling and Return to Egypt
                The Burning Bush and the Mission
                The Miracle of Aaron's Staff
          The Plagues of Egypt
                The Plague of Frogs
                The Last Plague and the Passover
          Crossing the Sea
                The Pursuit and the Crossing
          Water from the Rock
    Exodus-Deuteronomy: From Sinai to the Death of Moses
          The Giving of the Law
          The Fall and the Renewal of the Covenant
                The Golden Calf
          The Beginning of the Priestly Ministry
                The Death of Nadab and Abihu
          The Time of Complaint and Rebellion
                Exploring Canaan
                Water from the Rock
                The Brazen Serpent
    Exodus-Deuteronomy: Laws and Instructions
          The Tabernacle and Its Equipment
                The Ark and the Mercy Seat
                The Table of Offerings
                The Lampstand
                The Altar of Incense
          The Priests
                The Garments
          The Invasion
                Crossing Jordan
                Taking Jericho
                Taking and Burning Ai
                Beating the Amorite Kings
          Fighting the Remaining Canaanites
          Deborah and Barak
                Beating the Midianites
                The Daughter of Jephthah
                Vengeance on the Philistines
    Samuel, Kings, Chronicles: Before the Monarchy
          The Ark of the Covenant
                The Death of Eli
                The Ark with the Philistines
                The Return of the Ark
    Samuel, Kings, Chronicles: Saul, David, Solomon
          The Reign of Saul (1020-1000 BC)
                War with the Philistines
                      Jonathan Routs the Philistines
                The Lord Rejects Saul
                Saul and David
                      Saul's Growing Jealousy
          The Reign of David (1000-965 BC)
                The Ark Brought to Zion
                      Discovering Bathsheba
                      Absalom's Death
                Sheba's Revolt
          The Reign of Solomon (965-926 BC)
                The Judgment of Solomon
                The Temple and the Royal Palace
                      The Construction of the Temple
                The Queen of Sheba
    Samuel, Kings, Chronicles: The Divided Kingdom, Israel
          Jeroboam I - Omri
                The Man of God from Judah
                King Zimri
          The Time of Elijah
                Elijah in the Kerith Ravine
                The Death of Ahab
                The Chariot of Fire
          The Time of Elisha
                Elisha in Jericho and Bethel
                The Widow's Oil
                Elisha and Naaman
                The Arameans Struck by Blindness
                      Joram and Jezebel
                Jehoahaz and Jehoash
                      The Death of Elisha
    Samuel, Kings, Chronicles: The Divided Kingdom, Judah
          The Fall of Jerusalem
          The Triumph of Mordecai
          Job Is Tested
                Job's Ruin
                      Attacks on Family and Possessions
                      Sore Boils, on the Dunghill
          The Call of Isaiah
          Jehoiakim, Zedekiah, and the Fall of Jerusalem
                Jeremiah Is Thrown into a Cistern
                The Fall of Jerusalem
          The Preparation and Call of the Prophet
                The First Vision
                The Call of Ezekiel
          The Glory of the Nation Restored
                The Valley of Dry Bones
          The Story of Daniel
                Nebuchadnezzar's First Dream
                The Men in the Furnace
                Belshazzar's Banquet
                In the Lion's Den
          Daniel's Visions and Prayer
                The Four Beasts
    Minor Prophets
                Fleeing from the Lord
                The Big Fish
                Jonah's Anger at the Lord's Compassion
    Portraits of Old Testament Characters
          Portraits of Aaron
                Other Portraits of Aaron
          Portraits of Holy Spirit (The)
                The Holy Spirit in Annunciation Compositions

    The New Testament
    Gospels, John the Baptist
          In the Desert
                The Baptism
          John and King Herod
                Herod's Birthday
                      The Banquet
                      The Beheading of John
    Gospels, Jesus: Before Christ's Birth
          The Annunciation
                The Virgin and the Angel
    Gospels, Jesus: Nativity and Childhood
          The Nativity and the First Days
                The Shepherds
                      The Annunciation as Secondary Scene
                      The Adoration of the Shepherds
                The Magi
                      The Adoration of the Magi
    Gospels, Jesus, Public Ministry: Preparations
          The Baptism
          The Temptation
    Gospels, Jesus, Public Ministry: Miracles
          Dealing with Nature
                The Wedding at Cana
                Calming the Storm
                Feeding the Multitude
                      The Loaves and the Fish
                Walking on the Sea
          Healing the Sick
                The Possessed at Capernaum
                The Official at Capernaum
                The Paralytic
                Possessed, Blind, and Dumb
                The Canaanite Woman
                The Man Born Blind
                      The Blind Becomes Seeing
                The Ten with Leprosy
                The Ear of Malchus
          Raising the Dead
                The Son of the Widow in Nain
                      The Raising of Lazarus
    Gospels, Jesus, Public Ministry: Teaching and Preaching
          The Teacher and His Message
          The Sermon on the Mount
          Class in Capernaum
    Gospels, Jesus, Public Ministry: The Words of Jesus
          The Teacher and His Message
          Sermon on the Mount (Matthew Compilation)
                The Speck and the Beam
                The Sower
                The Good Samaritan
                      Assault and First Aid
                The Wheat and the Weeds
                      The Wheat and the Weeds Told
                The Prodigal Son
                      Returning Home
                The Rich Man and Lazarus
                      Purple and Poverty
                The Pharisee and the Publican
                The Great Banquet
                The Talents
          The Return and the Last Judgment
                Be Ready!
                      The Talents
                The Return and the Judgment
          Various Words
                Blind Leading Blind
    Gospels, Jesus, Public Ministry: Incidents and Events
          The Transfiguration
          The Entry into Jerusalem
                Hosanna to the Son of David!
          Clearing the Temple
                Jesus Clears the Temple
    Gospels, Jesus, Public Ministry: Encounters
          The Woman from Samaria
          The Official at Capernaum
          The Canaanite Woman
          The Sinful Woman
          Martha and Mary
          The Adulterous Woman
    Gospels, Jesus: Passion
          The Last Evening
                The Last Supper
                Praying in Agony
                Jesus Is Arrested
                The Ear of Malchus
          The Trial
                Before the Sanhedrin
                      Tried by the Council
                Before Pilate
                      The Scourging
                      Barabbas, Persuasion, and Sentence
                      Ecce Homo
          The Crucifixion
                Jesus on the Cross
                      With Other People from the Biblical Account
          The Burial
                The Entombment
    Gospels, Jesus: Resurrection and Ascension
          The Resurrection
                Earthquake and Resurrection
                The Women at the Tomb
          The Disciples and the Resurrected
                The Emmaus Wanderers
                      On the Way to Emmaus
                The Ascension
          The Ascension
                The Descent of the Spirit
          At the Beautiful Gate
          Ananias and Sapphira
          Stephen's Arrest and Martyrdom
                Stoned by the Jews
          Philip and the Eunuch
          The Conversion of Saul
                On the Way to Damascus
          Peter and Cornelius
                Peter's Vision
                Peter Visits Cornelius
          Paul's First Missionary Journey
                In Lystra
          Paul's Trip to Rome
                The Journey and the Shipwreck
                On Malta
    Epistles of Paul
          1 Corinthians
                In the Christian Assembly
                      The Last Supper
                The Resurrection and Its Implications
                      Earthquake and Resurrection
                      The Resurrection of the Body
                      The Return and the Judgment
                On the Way to Damascus
                The Resurrection of the Body
          1 Thessalonians
                The Return and the Judgment
          2 Thessalonians
                The Return and the Judgment
    Catholic Epistles
          2 Peter
                The Return and the Judgment
          One Like a Son of Man
          The Throne in Heaven
          The Seven Seals
                The Four Horsemen
                The Fifth and the Sixth Seals
          The Seven Trumpets
                The Angels with the Trumpets
                The Fifth Trumpet
                The Sixth Trumpet
                      The Four Angels of Destruction
                      The Angel with the Scroll
                      The Two Witnesses
          The Big Struggle
                The Two Beasts
          The Seven Bowls
                The Bowls of God's Wrath
          Judgment against Babylon
                The Fall of Babylon
          Return and Victory
                The Thousand Years
                The Return and the Judgment
                The New Jerusalem
    Portraits of New Testament Characters
          Portraits of Holy Spirit (The)
                The Holy Spirit in Annunciation Compositions
          Portraits of Jesus Christ: The Adult Christ
                One Like a Son of Man
          Portraits of John, Son of Zebedee
                John as a Writer and Correspondent
          Portraits of Luke
                Luke as a Writer
          Portraits of Mark (John)
                Mark as a Writer
          Portraits of Matthew (Levi)
                Matthew as a Writer

    Beyond Scripture
    Daniel, Visionary Prophet
          Daniel and the Dragon
    Habakkuk, Prophet
          Daniel and the Dragon