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Merian, Matthaeus, the Elder, After

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Garden of Eden

Fall, The


Cain and Abel

Flood, The

Noah's ark

Noahic covenant

Noah's drunkenness

Tower of Babel

Abram leaves Ur

Abram and Melchizedek

Hagar and angel

Three visitors

Seduction of Lot

Seduction of Lot

Sacrifice of Isaac

Death of Sarah


Jacob and Esau

Jacob blessed

Jacob's ladder

Jacob meets Rachel

Jacob wrestles with God

Jacob and Esau reconciled

Joseph sold into slavery

Joseph and his brothers at dinner

Moses on Nile

Burning bush

Staffs to snakes

Plague of frogs


Red Sea

Reed (Red) Sea

Water from the rock

Theophany at Sinai

Golden calf

Improper fire

Expedition returns

Water from the rock

Bronze snake

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