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Saul attacks David

Saul consults a medium

Saul's conversion

Saul's persecution

Seventh seal and golden censer

Shechem asks for Dinah in marriage

Slaughter of Benjamin

Soldiers mock Jesus

Solomon dedicates the temple

Solomon looks upon his lover

Solomon settles child dispute

Solomon's temple

Spies return from Canaan

St. John the Evangelist

St. Luke the Evangelist writes gospel

Stephen demonstrates wisdom

Stephen stoned

Sun stands still

The brazen serpent as foreshadowing of Christ

Three days of pestilence

Tower of Babel


Two witnesses

Valley of dry bones

Walk to Emmaus

Wedding at Cana

Whore and the beast

Wise men visit Jesus

Worship the Lamb

Young Jesus in temple

Zechariah delivers the word of the Lord

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