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Nebuchadnezzar orders idol worship

New Jerusalem

Noah builds the ark

Noah sacrifices to God after the flood

Obadiah delivers message to Ahab

Parable of good Samaritan

Parable of labourers in vineyard

Parable of sower

Parable of ten bridesmaids

Parable of wedding banquet

Passover with disciples

Paul and Barnabas in Lystra

Paul rebukes Elymas

Paul speaks with Athenians


Peter escapes from prison

Peter heals a crippled beggar

Pharaoh sets Joseph over Egypt

Pharisee and tax collector

Philip and the Ethiopian

Philistines return the ark of God

Plague of frogs

Presentation of Eve in the garden

Proclamation of empty grave

Prodigal son works in field

Queen of Sheba meets Solomon

Rebekah at the well

Rebekah bears Esau and Jacob

Rebuilding of Jerusalem

Removal of Jesus from cross

Reunion of Jacob and Esau

Rich man and Lazarus

Ruth meets Boaz

Sacrifices of Cain and Abel

Samson destroys the building

Samson drinks after slaying Philistines

Samson is taken away for burial

Samson tears a lion apart

Samuel anoints Saul

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