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John baptizes Jesus

John preaches to crowd

John the Baptist's head

John's vision of Jesus

Jonah is thrown into the sea

Jonah reaches land

Jonah under the bush

Joseph flees Potiphar's wife

Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dream

Joseph is sold into slavery

Joseph recounts his dreams

Joseph reveals himself to his brothers

Joseph sells grain to the Egyptians

Joseph tests his brothers in Egypt

Joshua leads the destruction of Jericho

Josiah consults Huldah

Josiah wounded in battle

Judah solicits Tamar

King Belshazzar's feast

Laban catches Jacob and his family

Lions attack Assyrians

Lord descends upon Mt. Sinai

Lord kills Uzzah

Lord punishes Ashdod

Lot bargains with angels

Lot with his daughters

Malachi's word from the Lord

Man of God killed by lion

Mark the Evangelist

Martyrdom of James

Mary and Martha

Mary visits Elizabeth

Moses and Aaron visit Pharaoh

Moses before the burning bush

Moses burns the golden calf

Moses is rescued by Pharaoh's daughter

Moses summons hail

Moses surrounded by angels

Mourners follow Jesus

Nadab and Abihu anger the Lord

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