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Jacob waters Laban's sheep

Jacob wrestles with the angel of God at Peniel

Jacob's burial

Jacob's ladder

Jael kills Sisera

Jehoshaphat is mistaken for the King of Israel

Jehu orders the death of Jezebel

Jephthah returns from battle

Jephthah sacrifices his daughter

Jephthah's daughter with companions

Jeremiah rescued from cistern

Jerusalem council

Jesus and adulterous woman

Jesus and Nicodemus

Jesus and Samaritan woman

Jesus and Zacchaeus

Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene

Jesus before Pilate and Jews

Jesus blesses children

Jesus cleanses the temple

Jesus dines with sinners

Jesus encounters Simon Peter

Jesus explains parable of sower

Jesus heals official's son

Jesus heals Peter's mother-in-law

Jesus prays on Mount of Olives

Jesus questions Pharisees

Jesus raises Lazarus

Jesus raises widow's son

Jesus speaks to lepers

Jesus stands before the high priest

Jesus stills the storm

Jesus tempted in the wilderness

Jesus's temptation

Jesus's triumphal entry into Jerusalem

Joab and the wise woman

Joab kills Absalom

Joash orders the death of Zechariah

Job is confronted by his wife and friends

Job is fair with the poor and slaves

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