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Abigail petitions David

Abraham and Isaac

Abraham casts out Hagar and Ishmael

Abraham receives three messengers from God

Absalom avenges his sister's rape

Adam and Eve expelled from Eden

Adam and Eve under the Tree of Knowledge

Amalek and Israel fight at Rephidim

Angel strikes down the firstborn of Egypt

Angel subdues Satan

Angel visits Matthew the Evangelist

Angel with little scroll


Angels' proclaimation to shepherds


Ark floats above the flood

Balaam's encounter with the angel of the Lord

Believers share possessions

Benjaminites abduct dancers at Shiloh

Betrayal of Jesus

Blasphemer is stoned

Bowls of wrath and the dragon

Bronze serpent

Call of Gideon

Captain equips Jeremiah

Casting lots for gatekeepers

Chaos at Korah's rebellion

Christ on the cross

Christ victorious, the Savior of the world



Creation of animals

Crossing the Red Sea


Cyrus frees Israelites from Babylon

Daniel and the dragon

Daniel explains Nebuchadnezzar's dream

Daniel in the lion's den

Daniel's vision of four beasts

David and Bathsheba

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