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First murder, The

Son is promised, A

Sacrifice of Isaac, The

Dark night, The

Samuel anointing David to become king


Proof by test

Prince who is expected, The

Prince of peace, The

As the clay

Flight, The


In the tempest


Sleeper, The

To Nineveh

Conversion, The

In the stomach of the fish

Finger raises, The

In the shadow of grace

Jonah faces God's freedom


New man, A

Angel appeared to them, An

New man, A

Man born blind, The

Eye is the lamp, The

As snakes an doves


Fallen in the earth

In the violence

To produce many seeds

Those who sulk and those who play

Before Jerusalem

On the earth and in Heaven

Gift for today, The

Pilate and the truth


Three men, The

Stay with us

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