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EDY-LEGRAND, Edouard Léon Louis

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Announcement to Joseph, The

Announcement to the shepherds, The


Ascent to Calvary, The

Baptism of John the Baptist, The


Ecce homo

Elijah and the child of the widow

Entry into Jerusalem, The



Golden calf, The

Good Samaritan, The

Great commission to the twelve, The

Healing of the man born blind

Jesus at the house of Martha and Mary

Killing of Abel, The

Let the small children come to me

Manna, The

Meeting with the Samaritan woman, The

Miracle of the bread, The

Miraculous draught of fishes, The

Moses on Sinai

Noli me tangere

Paul is arrested

Salesmen chased from the temple, The

Sermon on the Mount, The

Simon from Cyrene

Sower, The

Stoning of Stephen, the

Storm is calmed, The

Temptation, The

To Calvary

Visit of the Magi, The

Visitation, The

Wedding at Cana, The