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Aaron's snake swallowing two others *

Abraham and Sarah *

Adam and Eve *

Binding of Isaac, The *

Bondage of the Israelites, The *

Building Pharaoh's cities *

Crossing the river Jabbok *

Isaac blessing Jacob *

Jacob blessing Ephraim and Manasseh

Jacob meeting Pharaoh

Jacob's dream *

Joseph and his brothers *

Joseph interpreting Pharaoh's dream *

Joseph makes himself known to his brothers *

Joseph meeting his brothers *

Joseph telling his dreams to his father and brothers *

Joseph's dream *

Lot and his daughters *

Miriam the prophetess *

Mourning over Jacob's bier

Nimrod and Abraham *

Noah cutting grapes. Noah drunken. *

Passage of the Red Sea, The *

Pharaoh and the midwives

Pharaoh commands the Israelites to leave Egypt *

Pharaoh dreaming *

Plague of blood, The *

Plague of frogs, The *

Plague of lice, The *

Plague of murrain, The *

Plague of pestilence, The *

Plague of the first born, The *

Pursuit by the Egyptians, The *

Searching for leaven *

Slaughtering of the lambs for Passover *

Tower of Babel *

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