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Adam and Eve outside Paradise *

Cain and his descendants *

Cain slays Abel *

Christ calling the apostles *

Christ nailed to the cross *

Creation of the animals, The *

Crucifixion, The *

Death of John the Baptist *

Dove and the raven, The *

Drunkenness of Noah *

Fall and the expulsion, The *

Five Pharisee doctors of the law consider Christ's difficult question *

God warns Adam and Eve not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil

Herod's suicide. Death of nobles. *

Imprisonment of John the Baptist *

King's wedding feast, The *

Lamech kills his son. Noah. *

Last judgment, The *

Marriage at Cana *

Nicodemus *

Noah building the ark *

Noah making wine *

Peter's catch of fish *

Sacrifices of Cain and Abel, The *

Sadducees propound the riddle of the seven brothers *

Soldiers cast lots for Christ's robe. Pilate has written his superscription. *

St. John summons Mary and Christ to the wedding at Cana *

Stone rejected by the builders, The *

Tribute money, The *

Two Pharisees ask Christ which is the greatest commandment *

Workmen making the cross *

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