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BUTEL, Lucile

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In the beginning God created

And God said: Let there be lights

Man and woman

Serpent was the most crafty animal

Woman gives her man to eat

They were expelled from the garden of Eden

Brotherly jealousy

Brotherly jealousy

God sees the evilness of man

For 40 days and 40 nights

Noah arranges the animals in couples

Noah sending out the dove

Noah understands that the earh is dry

Water begins to go down, The

My covenant is eternal

They started to be confused

Water from the rock

Moses on Sinai

Moses receives the Ten Commandments

Golden calf, The

Water from the rock

Jesse presenting his sons

Samuel anoints David

Youngest one was out keeping the herd, The

God sees the evilness of man

God sees the evilness of man