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Hide! *

Give the signal to attack Babylon's walls *

It will sink and never rise again *

Like sheep ... scattered by lions *

Run for your lives! *

That country will become a pile of ruins where wild animals live *

Like a widow ... all night long she cries *

Get up again ... to cry out to the Lord *

But God refuses to listen *

I saw a hand stretched out towards me *

But God's spirit entered me and raised me to my feet *

And with bared arm prophesy against her *

Corpses will be scattered among the idols *

Some will escape to the mountains *

They were proud of their beautiful jewels *

In the vision *

I will send a strong wind, pouring rain, and hailstones to destroy the wall *

Can you make anything out of it? *

He ... broke off the top of a cedar-tree *

I will spread out a hunter's net and catch him in it *

Yes, it is planted, but will it live and grove? *

Birds of every kind will live there *

He realizes what he is doing and stops sinning *

I gave them my commands *

Set the pot on the fire *

That city which stands at the edge of the sea *

I will pull you up out of the Nile *

No tree ... will growe as tall as that again *

They listen to all your words and don't obey a single one of them *

I myself will be the shepherd of my sheep *

I could see that there were very many bones *

He was holding a linen tape-measure and a measuring rod *

Dazzling light passed through the east gate, The *

Man ... told me to wade through the stream there, The *

But the rock ... became a huge mountain *

But there is a God in Heaven who reveals mysteries *

Daniel returned to his house and explained the matter *

During the night, the mystery was reveiled to Daniel *

I have had a dream *

Rock was cut out, A *

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