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WEIGEL, Johann Christoph

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Crossing the Jordan

Stones from the Jordan

Angel and Joshua

Battle of Jericho

Achan's sin

Battle of Ai

Kings hung

Conquest of Canaan


Joshua renews the covenant


Angel at Bokim

Ehud kills Eglon

Jael kills Sisera

Call of Gideon

Gideon's fleece

Gideon's army

Gideon's victory


Death of Abimelech

Commemoration of Jephthah’s daughter

Jephthah's daughter

Jephthah's daughter

Angel appears to Manoah and his wife

Samson eats honey

Samson slays lion

Samson and the foxes

Samson and the jawbone

Samson carries gates

Samson and Delilah

Samson dies

Micah and the Danites

Outrage at Gibeah

Rape of the women of Shiloh

Ruth and Naomi

Ruth meets Boaz

Threshing floor

Boaz marries Ruth


Hannah and Eli

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