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Adoration of the elders

Angel with the millstone, The

Angel with the scroll, The

Angels holding back the winds

Ark of the Covenant; apocalyptic woman and dragon

Ascension, The

Beast from the sea, The

Binding and loosing of Satan, The

Coming of the Lord, The

Coming of the Lord, The

Crucifixion and entombment

Dragon pursuing the woman in the wilderness, The

Eagle's pronouncement, The

Fall of Babylon, The

Fifth trumpet blast

First horseman

First three bowls, The

First trumpet blast

Fourth horseman

Fourth to sixth bowls, The

Fourth trumpet blast

Great hallelujah, The

Homage to the Lamb

Horned beast, The

John with the book and the rod

John writes to Ephesus and Smyrna

John writes to Laodicea

John writes to Pergamon and Thyatira *

John writes to Sardis and Philadelphia

Lamb and the book with seven seals, The

Lamb on Mount Zion, The

Last judgment, The

Lord with a sickle

Michael battling the dragon


New Jerusalem, The


Rider on a white horse and birds of prey, The

River and the tree of life, The

Second horseman

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