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Madonna, Child, and St. John

Manchester Madonna, The

Martyrdom of St. Peter

Medici Madonna


Murder of Abner

Palestrina pietà




Pietà Rondanini

Project for a statue of an apostle

Punishment of Haman


Resurrection of Christ

Resurrection of Christ

Risen Christ

Risen Christ, The

Rough sketch for the Virgin standing at the foot of the cross

Sacrifice of Isaac, The *

Sacrifice of Noah, The

Salome on her knee holding a plate with the head of St. John

Samson and two Philistines

Separation of light from darkness

Separation of the earth from the waters

Sketch for a Christ on the cross

Sketch for a Virgin and Child and St. John

St. Anne with the Virgin and the Christ Child

St. John at the foot of the cross

St. Matthew

St. Paul

St. Peter

Study of an arm for the marble David and the figure of the bronze David

Taddei Tondo

Tondo Pitti

Two figures

Virgin and Child and St. Anne

Virgin and Child with St. John

Virgin and Child with St. Joseph and St. John the Baptist, The

Virgin and the Child, The

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