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Child and the little St. John with the Virgin and Joseph, who is reading, The

Child appearing to St. Christopher, The

Dead Christ supported by an angel, The

Death of St. Joseph, The

Hagar and the angel

Holy Family

Holy Family with John the Baptist, The

Holy Virgin and St. Joseph watching the Child, The

Madonna with Child and St. Francis of Assisi

Massacre of the innocents, The

Mission of St. Paul, The

Nude woman close to two persons, and two angels

Rest during the flight into Egypt, The

Rest during the flight into Egypt, The

Rest of the Holy Family during the flight into Egypt, The

Rest on the flight into Egypt

Rest on the flight into Egypt, The

Risen Christ, The

Souls of the purgatory invoking the Virgin and the Child for their deliverance, The

St. Andrew

St. Jerome in meditation with his lion

St. Matthew and the angel

Virgin adored by St.s, with a donor and his son (?), The

Virgin and Child crowned by the angels and adored by two St.s

Virgin and the Child on a throne surrounded by two St.s, The

Virgin breast-feeding the Child, The

Virgin holding the Child in her arms in front of St. Joseph and an angel

Virgin holding the Child on her knees, The

Virgin holding the Child, and the little St. John, The

Virgin sitting with the Child Jesus on her knees, The