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FALK, Alan

Thumbnails     Represented in subjects

    The Old Testament
    Genesis: The Primeval History
                The Fall of Man
                      The Temptation and the Fall
    Genesis: The Patriarchal History
          Abraham and Isaac
                The Lord and the Angels
                      The Lord Visits Abraham
                The Sacrifice of Isaac
                Jacob's Dream
    Exodus-Deuteronomy: From Sinai to the Death of Moses
          The Giving of the Law
          The Importance of Wisdom
                The Blessing in Finding Wisdom
          Comfort My People
                The Servant of the Lord
                Every Knee Will Bow before the Lord
          Various Prophecies
                The Glory of Zion
    Portraits of Old Testament Characters
          Portraits of Leah
          Portraits of Moses
                With the Tables of the Law
          Portraits of Rachel
          Portraits of Rebekah
          Portraits of Sarah (Sarai)

    Beyond Scripture
    Adam, the First Man
          Various Subjects Connected to Adam
    Eve, the First Woman
          Various Subjects Connected to Eve
    Moses, Prophet and Leader
          Various Subjects Connected to Moses