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Jesus teaches the disciples about humility and fraternal correction

Jesus teaches; the Jews conspire against him

Jesus walks on the sea

Jews are sent to John

Jews ask for a sign from Jesus, The

Jews come to the garden armed, The

Jews send servants to arrest Jesus, The

John is surrounded by people

John sends two disciples to Jesus

Just before the ascension of Christ

King holds a wedding feast for his son, A

Landowner plants a vineyard, and hires caretakers, A

Last supper and the washing of the feet, The

Leper is cleansed, A

Man born blind is healed, The

Man with dropsy is healed, A

Mary is assumed into Heaven, and crowned by the most Holy Trinity

Mary Magdalene anoints Jesus's feet

Messengers are sent by the sisters about the grave illness of Lazarus

Oath of Caiaphas, The; the divine confession of Christ; Peter denies him a third time

On fasting

On hoarding treasures

On paying the tribute

On the day of the Visitation

On the love for enemies

Parable of the sower, The

Parable of the weeds, The

Paralytic is healed, A

Peter's mother-in-law is healed

Pharisee and the publican, The

Pilate sentences Jesus

Prodigal youth loses everything, The

Prodigal youth, The

Purification, The

Request of the mother of Zebedee's sons, The

Rich man and Lazarus, The

Rich man appeals from hell to Abraham in vain, The

Ritual supper, The

Samaritan woman, The

Samaritan woman, The

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