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Good shepherd, the sheepgate, gatekeeper, sheep, The

Handing over of the spirit, The

He appears to the disciples and Thomas

He becomes a swineherd

He drives the merchants out of the temple the first time

He explains the teachings about tradition

He feeds 5000 people

He is first led to Annas

He is interrogated by Annas; Peter denies him

He teaches and heals the sick. The crowd is divided into groups.

Hemmorhaging woman is healed, The; Jairus's daughter is raised

His generous father accepts him

Holy day of Pentecost, The

How the Holy Spirit will convict the world, etc.

How to believe the teachings of the Pharisees and the scribes

Hundredth sheep and the lost tenth coin, The

Ill person is healed, An

Institution of the most blessed sacrament and sacrifice, The

Invitation to the banquet, The

Jesus again casts the sellers out of the temple

Jesus argues with the teachers

Jesus calms a storm at sea

Jesus comes to Bethany

Jesus comes within view of Jerusalem

Jesus cures ten lepers

Jesus does not go up to the feast; the Jews question about him

Jesus eats breakfast with seven disciples

Jesus foretells his cross to his apostles

Jesus heals a ruler's son

Jesus heals the deaf-mute

Jesus is crowned with thorns

Jesus is crucified

Jesus is delivered to Caiaphas; Peter denies him again

Jesus is led outside the gate to Mount Calvary

Jesus is led to Pilate; Judas hangs himself with a rope

Jesus is questioned about the first commandment

Jesus is rejected in his hometown

Jesus preaches the damnation of unbelievers

Jesus raises Lazarus

Jesus teaches in the temple

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