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Abundant capture of fish, The

Adoration of the Magi, The

Adulteress is freed, The

Angels minister to Christ

Anger should be restrained

Annunciation, The

Antichrist, The

Arrival of the Magi, The

Ascension of Christ into Heaven, The

Birth of Christ, The

Blind and mute demoniac is healed, A

Body of Christ is taken from the cross

Burial of Christ, The

Burial of the Virgin Mother, The

Canaanite Woman, The

Centurion's servant is healed, The

Christ appears at Mount Tabor

Christ appears to seven disciples at the Sea of Tiberias

Christ cures the blind man at Jericho

Christ is captured

Christ is scourged

Christ prays in the garden

Christ teaches on having faith in God

Christ teaches, "Be merciful"

Circumcision of Christ, The

Council deliberates the death of Jesus, The

Cross is raised, The

Cutting off of Malchus's ear, The

Death of the Mother of God, The

Death of the rich man and Lazarus, The

Devil tempts Jesus, The

Dinner at the house of Simon the Leper, The

Disciples rest at the command of Christ, The; afterwards they sail across the sea

Donkey and colt are led to Jesus, A

Events after holy communion (at the last supper), The

Events at early morning in the full assembly, The

Events in Caiaphas's prison after the council is dismissed, The

Evil Jews approach in order to question Jesus, The

Gentiles come to Jesus

Glorious resurrection of Christ, The

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