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Christ teaches on having faith in God

Christ teaches, "Be merciful"

Leper is cleansed, A

On fasting

On hoarding treasures

On the love for enemies

Warning against false prophets

Blind and mute demoniac is healed, A

Jews ask for a sign from Jesus, The

He explains the teachings about tradition

Jesus foretells his cross to his apostles

Hundredth sheep and the lost tenth coin, The

Jesus teaches the disciples about humility and fraternal correction

Singular inhumanity and ingratitude of the king's servant, The

Traveller is attacked by thieves, A

Man with dropsy is healed, A

Prodigal youth, The

Rich man and Lazarus, The

Villain is accused, The

Pharisee and the publican, The

Samaritan woman, The

Jesus does not go up to the feast; the Jews question about him

Jesus teaches; the Jews conspire against him

Jews send servants to arrest Jesus, The

Jews send servants to arrest Jesus, The

Jesus preaches the damnation of unbelievers

Strong refutation of the Jews, and their attempts against Jesus, The

Jesus teaches in the temple

Good shepherd, the sheepgate, gatekeeper, sheep, The

Evil Jews approach in order to question Jesus, The

Request of the mother of Zebedee's sons, The

Gentiles come to Jesus

Gentiles come to Jesus

Landowner plants a vineyard, and hires caretakers, A

Son is killed outside the vineyard, The

On paying the tribute

Jesus is questioned about the first commandment

How to believe the teachings of the Pharisees and the scribes

Events after holy communion (at the last supper), The

How the Holy Spirit will convict the world, etc.

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