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Adoration of the Lamb of God by the 144-thousand, The

Angel with a chain binds Satan for a period of thousand years, An

Apostles address the inhabitants of Jerusalem

Arrest of Christ, The

Belshazzar's feast: The magicians fail to interpret the writing on the wall

Christ appears to St. Mary Magdalene as a gardener

Christ appears to the apostles

Christ appears to the three Marys

Christ bears the cross

Christ before Pilate

Christ enthroned with the twenty-four elders

Christ is crowned with thorns

Christ is flagellated. Pilate washes his hands.

Christ is nailed to the cross

Christ looks back to St. Peter who denied him thrice

Coming of the messenger of the Lord, The

Conspirators are thrown into the den and devoured by the lions, The

Conversion of Nebuchadnezzar, The

Conversion of St. Paul, The

Crucifixion, The

Daniel interprets Nebuchadnezzar's dream

Daniel interprets the writing on the wall before Belshazzar

Daniel interrogates the two elders

Daniel is discovered by the conspirators while praying before an open window

Daniel kills the dragon by giving him food

Daniel unmasks the priests of Bel by showing their footprints to Cyrus

Darius finds Daniel unharmed in the lion's den

Death of Sapphira, The

Deposition, The

Dragon with seven heads, The

Entombment of Christ, The

Esther kneels before Ahasuerus

Evangelist St. John measures the temple, The

Evangelist St. John takes the little book from the angel to eat it, The

Evangelist St. John writing, The

Fall of Babylon, The

God and his servants

God enthroned in Heaven with the river of life and the tree of life

God speaks to Moses

Habakkuk, carried by an angel, brings food to Daniel in the lion's den

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