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Moses and Aaron lead the Israelites out of Egypt

Moses and the burning bush

Moses arms are raised to make Joshua victorious over the Amalekites

Moses as marshal of the army of Egypt

Moses asks to see the glory of the Lord

Moses before Pharaoh changes Aaron's rod into a snake

Moses builds an altar of twelve stones and reads the Book of the Covenant

Moses causes the Levites to kill the idolators

Moses collects the valuable offerings for the tabernacle

Moses communicates with God on Mount Sinai

Moses dedicates the tabernacle

Moses has the blasphemer stoned to death

Moses has the mature women and the male children of the Midianites killed

Moses has the sabbath-breaker stoned to death

Moses in his basket is found by the daughter of Pharaoh

Moses is petitioned by the daughters of Zelophehad

Moses receives the Tables of the Law from God

Moses shows Aaron's flowering rod to the community

Moses strikes water from the rock

Moses strikes water from the rock

Moses throws Pharaoh's crown to the ground and puts burning coals in his mouth

Moses waters the sheep of the priest of Midian

Nativity, The

Nimrod supervising the building of the Tower of Babel

Noah enters the ark with his family and the animals

Parable of dives and poor Lazarus, The

Parable of the wise and the foolish virgins, The

People bring their golden ear-rings and Aaron makes the golden calf

Pharaoh of Egypt restores Sarai, whom he had appropriated, to Abram, The

Pharisees bring a woman accused of adultery before Christ

Presentation in the temple, The

Purification of the temple, The

Raising of Lazarus, The

Rebekah offers Eliezer a drink from her pitcher

Romans set fire to Jerusalem, The

Romans set fire to Jerusalem, The

Sacrifices of Cain and Abel, The. Cain slays Abel with a jaw-bone.

Sacrifices of the Israelites: Burnt offerings

Sacrifices of the Israelites: Sin offerings

Second plague, The: Frogs

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