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Christ washes the feet of the apostles

Christ-Child disputes with the doctors in the temple, The

Circumcision of the Christ-Child in the temple by a priest, The

Covenant between God and Abraham, The. Abraham circumcises Ishmael.

Creation, The: Beasts of the field and Adam

Creation, The: Birds and fishes

Creation, The: Division of light and darkness

Creation, The: Division of sea and earth, creation of trees and plants

Creation, The: Division of the waters above and below the firmament

Creation, The: God forms Eve from Adam's rib

Creation, The: God on his throne resting on the seventh day

Creation, The: The sun, the moon, and the stars

Death of Aaron, The. Moses puts Aaron's priestly robes on Eleazar.

Death of Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, The

Destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, The

Destruction of Sodom, and Lot's flight, The

Dove returns with an olive-branch, The. Noah sends out a raven.

Dream of Jacob, The

Eighth plague, The: Locusts

Eleazar sprinkles the unclean with hyssop

Entry into Jerusalem, The

Evangelist St. John, The

Expulsion of Adam and Eve from paradise by an angel with a sword

Fall of man, The: Eve takes the fruit from the serpent in the presence of Adam

Feeding of the five thousand, The

First plague, The: Water is changed into blood, The

Flight into Egypt, The

Foremen of the Israelites are scourged by the Egyptian overseers, The

Fourth plague, The: Flies

God sends fire to consume the offerings of Aaron

God warns Adam not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil

God's promise to Abraham is guaranteed by a sacrifice

Hagar at the well persuaded by an angel to return to Abram. Birth of Ishmael.

Herod the Great captures Jerusalem

Herod the Great has his wife Marianne and his brother-in-law killed

Herod the Great in battle, his family flees to Idumea

Herod the Great tries to commit suicide

Isaac blesses Jacob

Israelites are cured of snake-bites by looking at the brazen serpent, The

Israelites are forced to hard labour in Egypt, The

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