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Harrowing of hell: Christ stabs Satan with a cross

Heaven: Mary and Christ enthroned

Hell: Punishments

Hur dies choked when spit upon by the Israelites for refusing to adore the golden calf

Image of the Virgin made by the Egyptians, The

Isaac carries the wood for his sacrifice

Isaiah's prophecy of the tree of Jesse

Israelites are led out of Egypt, The

Israelites with the Passover lamb, The

Jacob's dream

Jael kills the sleeping Sisera by hitting a nail through his temple

Jephthah sacrifices his daughter

Jeremiah lamenting over the destruction of Jerusalem

Joab kills his brother Amasa

Job on the dunghill, tormented by his wife and the Devil

Jonah is cast up by the great fish

Jonah swallowed by a great fish

Jordan is dry for the crossing of the Ark of the Covenant, The

Joseph thrown into the well by his brothers

Joseph's brothers show Jacob the blood-stained coat of Joseph

Jubal and Tubalcain in the smithery

King Manasseh in captivity

King Moab sacrifices his son on the walls

King Nebuchadnezzar dreams of a tree that must be cut down

Lady of Sorrows

Lamech is rebuked and beaten by his wives

Last judgment

Last judgment, The

Last supper

Last supper, The

Legend of the sick clerk, recovered by Mary

Lot and his family flee to Zoar

Maria mediatrix: Mary showing Christ one of her breasts

Marriage between Michal and Paltiel

Marriage of Mary and Joseph

Martyrdom of Isaiah

Mary and Christ enthroned

Mary meditating, with the arma Christi

Mary with Christ-Child as the apocalyptic woman

Meeting of Abram and Melchizedek

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