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JEAN le Tavernier

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Adoration of the Christ-Child by the Magi, The

Annunciation of Christ's birth to the shepherds

Annunciation, The

Christ with the instruments of the passion appears to Philip the Good

Coronation of Mary by an angel before God enthroned in Heaven, The

Crucifixion, The

Crucifixion, with Mary and St. John, The

David at prayer

Evangelist St. John holding the poisoned chalice, The

Evangelist St. Luke with his symbol the ox, painting the portrait of Mary and the Christ-Child, The

Evangelist St. Mark with his symbol the lion, The

Evangelist St. Matthew holding a spear, The

Flight into Egypt, The. The corn-miracle (background).

Incredulity of St. Thomas, The

Maria lactans

Martyrdom of St. Andrew, The

Martyrdom of St. Stephen, The

Mary and God enthroned in Heaven amidst St.s

Massacre of the innocents, The

Nativity, The


Philip the Good kneeling before Mary with the Christ-Child

Presentation in the temple, The

St. Anna holding the young Mary

St. Barnabas of Cyprus

St. Bartholomew holding a knife and a book

St. Christopher carries the Christ-Child, a hermit guiding him with a lamp

St. Francis of Assisi receives the stigmata

St. James the Great holding a staff with a shell

St. James the Less holding a club and a book

St. John the Baptist holding a book and the Lamb of God

St. Jude Thaddaeus holding a T-square

St. Julian the Hospitaller and his wife ferry Christ across the river in a boat

St. Martha of Bethany holding a spoon

St. Mary Magdalene holding a jar of ointment

St. Matthias holding a book and a halberd

St. Michael conquering the dragon

St. Paul holding a sword and a book

St. Peter enthroned, holding a key and a cross-staff

St. Peter holding a key and St. Paul holding a sword and a book

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