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MASTER of the Feathery Clouds

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Abishag at the bed of old David

Battle between the Israelites and the Canaanites

Creation, The: Beasts of the field, and Eve

Creation, The: Birds and fishes

Creation, The: Division of light and darkness

Creation, The: Division of sea and earth

Creation, The: Division of the waters above and below the firmament

Creation, The: God on his throne resting on the seventh day

Creation, The: Sun and moon, trees and plants

Crucifixion, with Mary and St. John, The

Death of Saul, The. The death of the messenger.

Elkanah with his wives Hannah and Peninnah

Esther before Ahasuerus

Ezra returns to Jerusalem

God speaks to Moses in the Tabernacle

Habakkuk, carried by an angel, brings food to Daniel in the lion's den

Israelites cross the Red Sea, The. Pharaoh's army perishes in the water.

Job on the dung-hill is tormented by his wife and the Devil

King Cyrus rebuilds the temple of Jerusalem

King Cyrus worships the image of Bel. Daniel's servant strews ashes on the floor.

Moses communicates with God on Mount Sinai. Adoration of the golden calf.

Moses is exposed in his basket and found by the daughter of Pharaoh


People listening to Solomon's wisdom

Preacher (Ecclesiastes) in discussion, The

Prophet Ezekiel, The

Rahab helps the spies of Joshua escape Jericho. Return of the spies.

Ruth gleaning in the field of Boaz

Sickbed of Hezekiah, The: The prophet Isaiah prescribes figs.

Solomon discussing with the Queen of Sheba

Solomon enthroned among his counsellors