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MASTER of Catherine of Cleves

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Adoration of the Christ-Child by Mary and Joseph

Adoration of the Christ-Child by the Magi, The


Crucifixion, with Mary and St. John

David playing the harp

David playing the harp

Evangelist St. Luke drawing a portrait of Mary with the Christ-Child, The

Last judgment

Last judgment, The

Madonna on the crescent of the moon

Man of Sorrows

Mary with the Christ-Child and a male and female donor. Moses and Aaron (background).

Mass of St. Gregory

Prophet reading a scroll

Salvator Mundi

Souls in purgatory

St. Christopher

St. Michael

St. Peter and St. Adrian

St. Peter holding a key and a book, and St. Barbara holding a palm and a book, standing before a tower

Teacher teaching a young man. The Holy Ghost as dove on the young man's head.