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Arrest of Christ, The

Ceremonial dedication of the walls of Jerusalem, The

Christ sitting on the cold stone

Coronation of Darius, The

Cyrus has the temple of Jerusalem rebuilt

Entombment of Christ, The


Esther accuses Haman before Ahasuerus

Esther asks Ahasuerus to revoke the decree against the Jews. The death of Haman.

Esther denounces the two eunuchs to Ahasuerus. The eunuchs are hanged.

Esther kneels before Ahasuerus

Eunuchs order Queen Vashti to come to the feast of Ahasuerus, The

God speaks to Job

Haman causes Ahasuerus to issue a decree that all the Jews are to be put to death

Mordecai on the king's horse is led through the city by Haman

Nehemiah rebuilds the city walls of Jerusalem

Return of the Israelites from the Babylonian captivity, The

Solomon as a teacher

Tortures of Christ, The: Christ is flagellated

Two souls in purgatory