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Jael kills Sisera by hitting a nail through his head

Jehu has the worshippers of Baal killed. The death of the relatives of Ahaziah.

Jephthah, returning from victory, meets his daughter and rends his clothes

Jereboam's idolatry

Joab blows the trumpet to stop the pursuit

Joab captures the city of Rabbah

Joab is killed before the tabernacle. Solomon has Shimei put to death.

Joab kills Amasa

Jonathan sends away the boy with the bow and the arrows

Jonathan, brought before Saul, is saved from death by the people

Joram is killed by an arrow from Jehu

Joram sends a servant to kill Elisha

Joshua as commander

Joshua captures the city of Ai

Joshua captures the city of Hazor

Joshua divides the land of Canaan among the tribes of Israel

Joshua encounters an angel holding a sword

Joshua has the sinner Achan stoned to death

Joshua instructs the officers

Joshua makes the Gibeonites into drawers of water and hewers of wood

Joshua orders his officers to put their feet on the neck of the five Amorite kings

Joshua's farewell address at Shechem, where he erects a memorial stone

Judah as commander

Judah sets fire to Jerusalem

Judgment of Solomon, The

King Ahab is accidentally shot dead by a Syrian arrow

Last judgment, The

Last judgment, The

Levite priest departs from Micah's house with the Danites, The

Levite travels home with his dead concubine on an ass, The


Martyrdom of Isaiah, The: He is sawn in two

Messenger brings David the tidings of Absalom's death, A

Messengers of Ahaziah are killed by fire when they reach Elijah on his mountain, The

Mockery of Zedekiah at Nebuchadnezzar's banquet, The

Moses recites his canticle before the assembled people

Naomi and her daughters-in-law: Orpah returns home, Ruth stays with her

Nebuchadnezzar besieges Jerusalem


Prophet of Judah, killed by the lion, lies on the road beside his donkey, The

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