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Abimelech, king of Shechem, is killed before the city of Thebez

Abishag at the bed of old David

Agony in the garden, The

Ahaziah visits Joram on his sickbed

Amalekite brings the tidings of Saul's and Jonathan's death to David, The

Amalekite messenger, who brings David the message of Saul's death, is put to death, The

Amnon is murdered at Absalom's sheep-shearing feast

Angel announces the birth of Samson to Manoah and his wife, An

Angel of the Lord decimates the Assyrian camp of king Sennacherib, The

Angel prophesies to Eli the coming undoing of himself and his family, An

Annunciation, The

Annunciation, The

Ark of the Covenant, drawn by two cows, is sent back to Israel, The

Arrest of Christ, The

At Gilgal Joshua erects a monument of the twelve stones taken from the Jordan

At the battle of mount Tabor Sisera leaves his chariot and flees

Bathsheba asks David to proclaim Solomon king

Bathsheba brings Adoniah's request to Solomon. The death of Adonijah.

Battle between Jephthah and the Ephraimites, The

Battle between Joram and the Moabites, The

Benjamites win themselves wives from the dancing daughters of Shiloh, The

Boaz gives Ruth six measures of barley

Boaz redeems Elimelech's inheritance and takes Ruth to wife

Calling of Elisha, The: Elijah finds Elisha ploughing with a team of oxen

Calling of Samuel, The

Carrying of the cross, The

Christ before Pilate

Crucifixion of the five sons of Merab

Crucifixion, with Mary and St. John, The

Crucifixion, with Mary and St. John, The

David beheads Goliath with his sword

David buys a threshing-floor of Araunah to build an altar

David carrying the head of Goliath, is welcomed by the women of Israel

David defeats the Philistines in the valley of Rephaim

David feigns madness before Achish. Ahimelech gives Goliath's sword to David.

David forgives Shimei

David goes behind the bier at the burial of Abner

David is met by Abigail who brings him food

David is pursued by Saul and his men in the wilderness of Maon

David on his deathbed gives his last admonitions to Solomon

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