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David defeats the Philistines in the valley of Rephaim

David plays the harp before the Ark of the Covenant after its return to Jerusalem

David receives Mephibosheth, the son of Jonathan, in his palace

Israelites defeat the Aramaeans and their leader Shobach, The

David sees Bathsheba bathing from the roof of his palace

Uriah is killed in the battle before the city of Rabbah

Joab captures the city of Rabbah

Tamar is sent away after being dishonoured by her brother Amnon

Amnon is murdered at Absalom's sheep-shearing feast

Reconciliation of David and Absalom, The

Hushai, in rent clothes, offers his services to David

Shimei curses David and casts stones at him

Death of Absalom, The

Messenger brings David the tidings of Absalom's death, A

David forgives Shimei

Joab kills Amasa

Sheba's head is thrown over the city-wall to Joab

Crucifixion of the five sons of Merab

Three heroes bring David water from the well of Bethlehem, The

David buys a threshing-floor of Araunah to build an altar

Abishag at the bed of old David

Bathsheba asks David to proclaim Solomon king

David on his deathbed gives his last admonitions to Solomon

Bathsheba brings Adoniah's request to Solomon. The death of Adonijah.

Joab is killed before the tabernacle. Solomon has Shimei put to death.

Joab is killed before the tabernacle. Solomon has Shimei put to death.

Judgment of Solomon, The

Solomon's preparations for the building of the temple: The craftsmen in the quarries

Solomon offers sacrifices at the dedication of the temple

Jereboam's idolatry

Prophet of Judah, killed by the lion, lies on the road beside his donkey, The

Elijah raises the son of the widow of Zarephath

Elijah praying on Mount Carmel, a servant sees a small cloud of rain

Calling of Elisha, The: Elijah finds Elisha ploughing with a team of oxen

Wounded prophet waits by the road for King Ahab and predicts his punishment, The

Elijah reproves King Ahab for killing Naboth

Zedekiah strikes the prophet Micah in his face

King Ahab is accidentally shot dead by a Syrian arrow

Elijah questions the messengers of Ahaziah

Messengers of Ahaziah are killed by fire when they reach Elijah on his mountain, The

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