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BIDA, Alexandre

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Jesus converses with the doctors of the law

Jesus delivered to the soldiers

Jesus descending the Mount of Olives

Jesus drives the money-changers from the temple

Jesus eats with publicans and sinners

Jesus foretells the destruction of the temple

Jesus heals a deaf man

Jesus heals the man with palsy

Jesus in prayer

Jesus in the midst of the doctors

Jesus leads the blind

Jesus prays with his disciples

Jesus preaches from a ship

Jesus rejected at Nazareth

Jesus talks with the Samaritan woman

Jesus teaching in the synagogue

Jesus upon the Mount of Olives

Jesus walks on the water

Jesus washes the feet of his disciples

John in the wilderness

Joseph of Arimathea prepares Christ for burial

Judas before the Sanhedrin

Judas guides the soldiers

Kiss of Judas, The

Lazarus raised from the dead

Leper, The

Lord's supper, The

Man blind from birth, The

Man with the withered hand, The

Mary anoints the feet of Jesus

Mary's visit to Elizabeth

Miracle of the loaves, The

Miraculous draft of fishes, The


Nicodemus seeks Jesus by night

Parable of the sower

Peace be to this house

Peter leaps from the boat to meet Jesus

Pharisee and the publican, The

Prayer in secret, The

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