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BIDA, Alexandre

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After the crucifixion

Angel appears to the holy women, The

Ask, and it shall be given to you *

Beheading of John the Baptist

Behold, the Lamb of God

Birth of John the Baptist

Burial of Christ, The

Burning of Sodom, The

Calling of St. Matthew

Calling of the fishermen, The

Child Jesus, The

Crucifixion, The

Daughter of Herodias and the head of John

Daughter of Jairus raised from the dead, The

Denial of Peter, The

Departure for Egypt, The

Departure of the prodigal son

Disciples at Emmaus, The

Donkey and her colt, The

Doubting Thomas answered

Foolish virgins, The

Foolish virgins, The

Going forth to Calvary

Good Samaritan at the inn, The

Healing an aged woman

Healing of Bartimaeus, The

Healing of the man with the dropsy *

Healing the centurion's servant

Healing the invalid at the pool

Healing two blind men

Holy women brings sweet spices, The

Jerusalem from the hill Scopus, on the north

Jesus and his disciples on the road to Caesarea

Jesus and Peter on the water

Jesus and the child

Jesus appears to his disciples

Jesus at the house of Martha and Mary

Jesus brought before Pilate

Jesus by the sea

Jesus Christ and the fruitless leafy tree *

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