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MICHIEL van der Borch

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King Ahab is accidentally shot dead by a Syrian arrow

Last supper, The: Christ gives a piece of bread to Judas

Moses and the burning bush

Moses communicates with God on Mount Sinai

Moses on his deathbed speaking to four Israelites

Moses receives the Tables of the Law

Nativity, The

Nebuchadnezzar has Zedekiah drink from the sacred vessels of the temple

Nimrod supervises the building of the tower of Babel

Noah in the ark. Angels closing the ark.

Pharaoh decrees the drowning of every new male offspring among the Israelites

Pharaoh's army perishes in the Red Sea

Raising of Lazarus

Salvator Mundi

Samaritans are devoured by lions, The

Samson breaks the pillars of the temple, killing the feasting Philistines

Samson kills the lion with his bare hands

Saul is anointed king by Samuel

Siege of Jerusalem

Spies return with the grapes, The

St. John the Evangelist with his symbol the eagle

St. Luke with his symbol the ox

St. Mark with his symbol the lion

Symbol of St. Matthew, The: The angel

Three Marys at the empty tomb, The

Tortures of Christ, The: Christ is flagellated

Trinity, The

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