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Philosophers discussing the worship of God

Philosophers may attain happiness loving God

Plato discussing sacrifices for God

Platonist explaining the creation, A. God the Father with angels.

Porphyrius adoring the demons, St. Augustine worshipping the Trinity as three identical persons

Porphyrius discussing with his friends about the interceding role of angels

Porphyrius discussing with St. Augustine. Christ discussing with wise men.

Poverty of the avaricious: The misers sitting before Avarice and a table. The riches of the wise. Christians kneeling before God.


Recabites refuse to drink the wine offered by Jojakim, the king of Juda, and Jeremiah

Redemption: God the Father sends the Christ-Child to Mary who is praying outside a chapel. Sinners are praying inside the chapel.

Samson breaks the pillars of the temple, killing the feasting Philistines. Sacrifice of Isaac.

Satan transformed into an angel of light

Solomon on his throne

Soul of dives in hell, and the soul of Lazarus in the lap of Abraham, The

Souls adoring the Trinity instead of the idols of Rome

Souls are carried to Heaven by angels and welcomed by God the Father

Souls ascending to heaven

Souls ascending to Janus and Terminus, who are holding the world. Souls descending to hell.

Souls ascending to the Trinity in heaven

St. Augustine and Apuleius discussing. Adoration of God the Father.

St. Augustine discussing with Simplicianus about the Trinity. St. Augustine contemplating the Trinity.

St. Augustine disputing with Cicero on the foreknowledge of God

St. Augustine preaching

St. Paul preaching about the creation of the world by God and man's foolishness when worshipping images like birds and other animals

St. Paul teaching a group of men

Supper at Bethany, The: St. Mary Magdalene anointing Christ

Three Hebrews in the fiery furnace, The

Titus and Vespasianus massacre the Jews

Trinity, The

Two extremes of the nature, The

Two of the temptations of Christ in the desert by Satan. Christ ministered by angels (background).

Virtues of the Romans rewarded by God with terrestrial glory for the Roman Empire, The

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