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God the Father sheltering men and animals under his mantle

God the Father with angels, Christ, souls, and devils

God's omnipotence and fate: Crossing the Red Sea

God's omnipotence: The Israelites cross the Red Sea. Pharaoh's army perishes in the water.

Good and bad angels

Good king is honoured by his subjects, The. The bad king is despoiled and scourged by his subjects (background).

Heavenly city and the earthly city, The. The heavenly city with God the Father, Mary, and St.s.

Isaac blessing Jacob instead of his favourite Esau

Isaiah and St. John the Baptist point to Christ for whom the idols fall down

Israelites cross Jordan, The. The fall of Jericho.

Jacob blessing his sons

Jacob is presented to Pharaoh by Joseph as an example of fate

Jephthah, returning from victory, meets his daughter and rends his clothes

Job before his feasting children

John the Baptist preaching. God the Father and the Christ-Child.

Jona is thrown into the sea and swallowed by a large fish (background)

Law concerning the worship of the true God was communicated by the angels to the apostles, The

Lot offers his daughters to the crowd. Lot leaves the city. The destruction of Sodom.

Lot's wife turns into a pillar of salt. Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac worshipping God.

Man Christ, with Mary, as mediator between God and mankind, The

Martyrdom of St. John, St. Cyprian of Carthage, and St. Apollonia

Martyrs. Juno as power of the air with demons and souls. God the Father and angels.

Men and women praying. God the Father in Heaven and devils as mediator between men and God (background).

Men and women praying. Souls, escaping the body of a man and a woman, are received by angels.

Men at work. God as Salvator Mundi. Devils between men and God (background).

Men kneeling before Christ. Devils mocking and torturing men (background).

Men worshipping angels. Angels pointing to God the Father asking them to worship only the true God.

Men, Trinity, and devils

Men, Trinity, and devils

Miracles and teachings of Christ recorded by the four evangelists, The

Miracles performed by the true God

Money-lender, God, and praying men: The love of fame among men must not be stronger than the love of God

Moses receives the Tables of the Law

Moses receives the Tables of the Law. The golden calf.

Moses teaching the Israelites the Law of God

Nativity, The

Pagans kneeling before devils, Christians kneeling before God the Father

Pagans worshipping devils, The. Christians and souls adoring God the Father.

Paul and Barnabas heal a cripple at Lystra

People worshipping the statues of Bacchus, Bonus Eventus, and Pomona. God blessing a dead man and carrying his soul.

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