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Adoration of the Christ-Child by Mary and Joseph. Isaiah and John, God the Father and the Holy Ghost.

Angels contemplating God the Father, demons conjecture temporal matters

Anima Mundi with globe. The symbols of the four evangelists.

Augustine refuting Porphyrius, Christ baptizing

Birth of Esau and Jacob as an example of twin's fate against the arguments of astrology

Cain slays Abel with a spade. The sacrifices of Cain and Abel.

Charity admonishes demons

Christ as heavenly judge above a group of men and women discussing about rape and purity

Christ baptizing men whose souls ascend to God the Father in Heaven

Christ enthroned, with Mary, angels, and St.s

Christ explaining the doctrine on God's providence pointing to the field

Christ giving the communion to the apostles

Christ interceding with God the Father for the humble and the mighty

Christ with saints contrasted with the bad behaviour of the Romans

Christians adoring God the Father, other men carried away by devils

Christians listen to sermons, pray, flagellate themselves, and show charity

Conquest of Jerusalem, The

Conversion of St. Paul. Monks, praying couple, single combat (background) .

David (erroneously (?) inscribed "Job"), Ezekiel, Daniel, Jeremiah and Isaiah

David as psalmist, praying before the true God

David contemplates true sacrifices to God

David praying as the avenging angel goes through the country

Death between men and fools. Demons, God with St.s.

Demons using every effort to distract the men from their prayer. God the Father with angels. Tortures in hell.

Discussion on fate as God's will: Dancing men and women. People praying to Christ.

Discussion on free will and God's providence: Sin, vices

Dispute on the great number of pagan gods. God the Father, Virtue and Happiness (background).

Dives is feasting, while poor Lazarus is starving at the gate

Esau hunting

Fides chasing away devils, while men and women are kneeling before Christ interceding with God the Father

Flight of Lot, The

God as the giver of felicity and eternal life

God at the beginning of the creation

God gave man intellect, just like the angels

God gave man senses, just like the animals

God helped the Romans to give honour, glory to the Roman Empire

God omnipotent gives the earthly kingdom to good and bad rulers. Happiness for the good and hell for the bad.

God omnipotent gives the power to good or bad rulers

God the Creator made the sky, the earth, and everything that exists in them: Men, women, animals, plants, and angels

God the Father sends the angel to make the soldiers victorious, instead of Victory sent by Jupiter

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