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Abishag is brought before David on his sickbed

Ahaziah falls out of an upper chamber of his palace

Amalekite messenger who brought David the message of Saul's death, is put to death, The

Amos, the herdsman of Tekoa, communicating with God

Annunciation of the birth of John the Baptist to Zechariah, The

Annunciation, The

Ascension, The

Baruch writing

Christ enthroned

Creation, The: Creation of sun, moon, and stars

Creation, The: Creation of the animals

Creation, The: Creation of the firmament and division of the waters above and below it

Creation, The: Creation of vegetation

Creation, The: Division of light and darkness

Creation, The: Eve emerges from Adam's body

Creation, The: God rests on the seventh day

Crucifixion, with Mary and St. John

Cyrus proclaims the end of the Babylonian captivity and orders a temple to be built in Jerusalem

Daniel in the lion's den

David in the water praying to God in Heaven

David playing bells

David playing the harp

David pointing to his mouth

Death of Jeremiah, The

Eli sees Hannah praying in the temple

Esther touches Ahasuerus's sceptre

Evangelist St. John

Evangelist St. John with a book, The

Evangelist St. Mark, The

Fool, A

Gideon is commanded to save Israel from the Midianites

Habakkuk, carried by an angel, brings food to Daniel in the lion's den

Haman on the gallows

Jeremiah lamenting over the destruction of Jerusalem

Jewish tribe

Job on the dunghill is tormented by his wife

Joshua communicating with God

King Josiah celebrates the Passover

Levite sacrificing, A

Madonna enthroned with the Christ Child

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