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HESDIN of Amiens

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Aaron's rod has sprouted

Abner sends messengers to David, offering him service as army commander

Abraham and Isaac climbing the mountain


Absalom conspires against David. A crown and scepter is offered to him.


Adoration of the golden calf. Moses calls Aaron to account.

Adoration of the kings, The




Annunciation, The

Arrest of Christ, The: The kiss of Judas

As Abraham sacrifices Isaac, an angel grasps his sword

Ascension, The

Assumption of Enoch, The




Bathsheba enthroned at Solomon's right hand

Bride finds the bridegroom, The

Bride seeks the bridegroom, The

Bridegroom crowning the bride, The

Carrying of the cross, The

Christ appearing to Mary Magdalene

Christ before Pilate: Pilate washing his hands

Christ blessing the apostles

Christ holding blessed souls in his garments

Christ is baptized by John the Baptist

Christ makes himself known, the soldiers fall to the ground

Christ predicts his passion

Christ's feet are anointed

Closed ark, The

Coronation of Mary by Christ, The

Coronation of Mary by God the Father, The

Creation, The: God creates Eve from Adam's rib

Crossing of the Red Sea, The: The army of Pharaoh is caught in the water

Crowning with thorns, The

Crucifixion, The: Longinus kneels down having pierced the side of Christ

Crucifixion, with Mary, St. John, the converted centurion, and others, The

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