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Jezebel is thrown from the window by two eunuchs

Job on the dunghill visited by his friends and wife

John the Evangelist and his vision of the seven headed beast from the sea, looking like a leopard

John, Peter, and Mary Magdalene at the open tomb of Christ


Joseph and Potiphar's wife

Joseph is arrested and sent to prison

Joseph is sold for twenty pieces of silver

Joshua's vocation

Judah appointed to fight against the Canaanites

Judas goes out to the chief priests, betrays Christ, and receives the reward

Judgment of Solomon over the two women with the dead child, The

Judgment of Solomon, The

King (Solomon) with a rod, teaches a child that sits before him with an open book, A

King Cyrus watching Daniel before the dragon

King Nebuchadnezzar dreams of a tree that must be cut down

King of Elam and three allied kings make war against the five rebellious kings of the Pentapolis, The

Lamech kills Cain

Lazarus and dives in Hades

Levites are appointed to serve the priests, The

Loaves and the fish, The

Lord calls on Cain to account for his deed, The


Man (Solomon) teaches a child, A

Martyrdom of Isaiah, The

Martyrdom of St. James the Great, The

Martyrdom of St. Stephen, The

Massacre of the innocents, The

Meal at Bethany, The

Messenger brings the tidings of Saul's death to David, A


Micah and the Levite adoring before the idol at Micah's sanctuary

Miraculous catch of fish, The

Mocking of Noah, The

Monks singing

Mordecai's triumph

Moses and Pharaoh's crown. Moses's trial by fire.

Moses and the burning bush

Moses comes down with stone tablets

Moses receives the Tables of the Law from God

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