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Entry into Jerusalem, The

Ezekiel among the captives meditating about his calling

Ezekiel's vision of the valley of the dry bones

Fall of man, The

Fall of man, The: Adam and Eve with the fruit and the serpent

Feast of Ahasuerus, The

Fire comes down and kills the officer and his men

Five Amorite kings are brought out of the cave and taken to Joshua, The

Flagellation, The

Flight into Egypt, The

Fool with the tail of a dog in its mouth, A

Four lepers bring the news to the guards at the gate of Samaria, The

Gideon and the angel of the Lord

God announces a flood and commands Noah to build an ark

God blesses Job. Job gets ten more children.

God gives Noah and his wife the commission of the embarkation of the ark

God gives Satan permission to test Job's virtue

God in the darkness, surrounded by the winds

God the Father enthroned, surrounded by angels and the evangelists with their symbols



Haman entreats Ahasuerus to issue a decree that all the Jews are to be put to death

Hannah's prayer in the temple of Shiloh

Healing of a lunatic boy, The

Healing of a man with dropsy, The. An ox fallen into a well.

Hezekiah breaks Moses's brazen serpent

Hosea and Gomer

In Caiaphas's palace Christ is mocked by Jews

Incredulity of St. Thomas, The

Isaac blesses Jacob

Israelites are forced to hard labour, The

Israelites crossing the Red Sea, The

Jacob and his family go to Egypt

Jacob on the way to Canaan with his family, his flocks, camels, and all his possessions

Jacob puts peeled rods in the animals' drinking troughs

Jacob sends his ten sons to Egypt to buy corn, keeping the youngest, Benjamin, at home

Jacob wrestles with the angel


Jeremiah warns Zedekiah: "Whoever stays in this city will die by the sword"

Jeroboam sets up two golden calves, one in Bethel and one in Dan

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