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Abram is summoned before Pharaoh, and is ordered to leave Egypt

Absalom's death

Adam and Eve are clothed by God and expelled from paradise by an angel

Adoration of the golden calf, The. Gos speaking to Moses.

Adoration of the golden calf, the. Moses breaks the Tables of the Law.

Adoration of the kings, The

After the Jews have dragged him out of the temple, St. Paul is put in chains by the soldiers

Agony of Christ, The

Amnon is murdered at Absalom's banquet

Amos as shepherd

Ananias, rebuked by Peter, falls down and dies between his gifts

Angel announces the birth of Samson to Menoah and his wife, An

Angel chases Adam and Eve out of paradise with a flaming sword, An

Angel meets Hagar and Ishmael at a fountain, An

Angel of the Lord decimates the Assyrian army, The. Sennacherib is killed.

Angel opens the gates of the prison to free Peter and John, An

Angel tells St. Peter that the servants of Cornelius have arrived, An

Angel wakes Elijah, An

Annunciation of the birth of John the Baptist to Zechariah, The

Ark of the Covenant is brought to Jerusalem, The

Arrest of Christ, The. The denial of Peter.

Asa destroys the idols and forbids worship in local shrines

Ascension, The

Balaam strikes his ass

Baptism of Christ by John the Baptist, The

Baruch records Jeremiah's prophecies

Baruch with Jeremiah's schroll

Bathsheba asks David to proclaim Solomon king. Solomon is anointed king by Zadok.

Beheading of John the Baptist, The

Belshazzar's banquet

Boaz sleeps

Brazen serpent, The

Bride (the church/Ecclesia) and the bridegroom (Christ), The

Building of Solomon's temple, The: Construction of the temple

Building of Solomon's temple, The: Craftsmen in the quarries

Building of Solomon's temple, The: Cutting of timber

Building of the tower of Babel, The

Carrying of the cross, The

Christ appears to Mary Magdalene

Christ before Pilate

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